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Williams Subaru in Charlotte, NC offers several wheel and tire services to ensure that your Subaru vehicle is safe to drive.  Proper wheel and tire reliability and functionality is of utmost importance in regards to vehicle performance and the safety of not only yourself and your vehicle's passengers but other drivers and their passengers as well.  The Williams Subaru Service Center in Charlotte offers several wheel and tire services including 4 tire balance service, all wheel alignment service, tire rotation service, tire inflation service, rear tire wear service, tire nail puncture repair, tire replacement, and more.  We service all makes and models at our Charlotte service center!

Under-inflated tires can rob your vehicle of its fuel economy and performance.  A tire that is out of balance can cause a severe wheel vibration.  Neglecting the balance of your tires can cause uneven tire wear and will cause you to have to replace your tires far more frequently than tires that are rotated and maintained properly.  Click here to read more.
Vehicle suspensions can wear with age and repeated heavy use.  Rough road surfaces and an occasional pothold can change the vehicle's wheel alignment.  A wheel alignment can improve your steering control and overall vehicle handling.  It can also help prevent abnormal tire wear by bringing the vehicle suspension components back to Subaru's specifications.  Click here to read more.
Weight, power, and steering all affect how your tires wear.  Regular tire rotation helps eliminate irregular tire tread wear.  When tires aren't rotated on a regular maintenance schedule, the tire wear will be uneven and you will have to replace the tire far more frequently.  Additionally, uneven tire wear can rob your vehicle of its fuel economy and performance.  Click here to read more.
Your vehicle's tire are the only connection between your vehicle and the road.  Safe vehicle operation depends on your tires being in good condition.  If your tires are neglected, the tread can wear completely away, leaving the tire bald and often exposing the steel cords.  Not only is this condition dangerous, it is also unlawful in many states.  Click here to read more.
Need to have one or more of the tires on your Subaru vehicle repaired due to a nail puncture?  Based on the size of the tire damage, our tire repair specialist will determine how your tire needs to be repaired.  An improperly repaired tire may void the tire warranty, and may put your tire at risk for further damage.  Click here to read more.
Replacing worn tires is part of vehicle maintenance that is necessary to ensure that your driving experience is as safe as possible.  Besides the obvious safety benefits, tires that are in good condition and properly inflated to the correct air pressure can increase the overall fuel economy and help provide a comfortable ride. Williams Subaru of Charlotte can help you with all of your tire buying needs!  Click here to read more.
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