Helping Common Heart During Crisis

When COVID-19 made it's way to North Carolina, Williams Subaru immediately thought first about the seniors and children of our community who would be in need very soon. We wondered how would children who depend on school lunch be fed? How would seniors get meal deliveries from local food pantries when many of the volunteers are seniors themselves? Right away, we sent out an email to our neighboring food pantry, Common Heart with a we are here to help message. "We wanted to reach out and see if there was anything you thought the staff of Williams Subaru could do to help our community over the next few uncertain weeks. We have been thinking about what may happen to food-insecure children should schools shut down, seniors who depend on volunteer deliveries, and we would be willing to help do food delivery or anything that we could do to help. We have cars, we have people, and we are willing to put our staff to work to help out the Union County community. Just thought we would reach out to you sooner rather than later, please know we want to help!" The team at Common Heart let us know that they could use our help in the pantry organizing their stock, and packing food boxes for delivery. Our team went and helped them out right away! With all of the movie theaters having shut down, they had an influx of candy and snacks that had recently been donated and were in desperate need of having those sorted and ready for delivery to the community. Our General Sales Manager, Shawn, and Love Encore Specialist, Arielle, spent the morning there and got it all done! We made sure to practice safe social distancing and consistent hand washing throughout our time there. We look forward to continuing to support Common Heart and other neighborhood non-profits who are in extra need right now. Williams Subaru Loves to Help!
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